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"Celebrating 1 year seizure free! A big shout out to Vibes for helping our baby girl ❤️" 10/29/2018

Claudina C.

"This is my daughter Yanira she's only 21 years old and was dealing with (anxiety-depression & panic attack) all this was affecting her job and keeping her lock up in a room and not wanting to have motivation for anything and thanks to my wife Blanca that found you guys (vibes) we was able to stop by and get my daughter treated with cbd oil, gummies, waters & pre-rolls ready to smoke... Thanks to cbd treatment my daughter is doing much better now I can see her beautiful smile and having motivations to keep moving on...."

Desmadrosa M.

I am happy to share my story with you.. These are my “before and after” pictures while using CBD Prestige Salve and CBD oil consistency. CBD has been the best working product to help treat my psoriasis. I was left feeling discouraged and overwhelmed after trying every product I could find at CVS/Walgreens and spending hundreds of dollars on medications and steroid creams, that’s when I turned to Vibes for help and found CBD. I used to have low self-esteem and I would hide my hands from people due to the fear they would ask me “ugh, what’s wrong with your hands ?!” Or the “omg! That looks so painful!” And it was.. I used to cry because my hands had gotten so bad to the point where I could not extend my fingers or make a fist because if I would stretch my skin too far and create deep cuts that would bleed and take weeks to heal. CBD has helped with several symptoms of psoriasis such as the dryness, itching, flaking, peeling, and inflammation. It has helped me heal physically as well as mentally and emotionally. In this journey of self-love, I am enjoying the little things again without having to worry about pain or judgement. 

Nena S.

Training MMA I get banged up a lot, Salve cream really helped with aches that we’re building up on my bones and joints


I tried the hemp cbs oil sample and honestly it helped me so much with my anxiety, I saw a difference within 2 to 3 days of taking a drop in the morning and night.

Karla G.

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