Vibes Releaf Program

At Vibes - Hemp Store, we strive to make our Evolve | Made from Hemp CBD line as accessible to everyone as possible. Vibes Releaf Program will offer 30% off our Evolve | Made from Hemp line to individuals on long-term disability, veterans and low-income individuals. If you believe you qualify for either of these categories, please review the stated requirements.
"Bringing wellness back to nature."
Please submit the required documentation that is listed below to
You will be emailed once we have reviewed your documents.
If you need assistance with the application process, please
apply in person every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 
Vibes Hemporium 
537 South Texas Blvd 
Weslaco, TX 78596
Long-term Disability
Those who have a long-term medical disability must provide a copy of their acceptance letter to receive disability assistance from the federal government.

All US Military veterans must provide a scan or photo of their DD-214, State issued ID with Veteran endorsement or VA card to receive the discount. This discount only applies to veterans.

Low - income
To qualify as low income, please send us a copy of your tax return from the previous tax year. To qualify, your tax return must state that your income falls below the 100% Federal poverty level. If you are unsure whether or not you qualify, please check the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines as posted on the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website. Other proof of income can be accepted on a case by case basis as approved by the program coordinator.